Dr. Ellyawan S Arbintarso was a guest lecturer at UMP Malaysia

Dr. Ellyawan S Arbintarso was a guest lecturer at UMP Malaysia

Collaboration between IST AKPRIND Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia has been very well established. On this occasion, the Fakulty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Technology, University Malaysia Pahang was represented by Dr. Januar P Siregar invited a guest lecturer from Jurusan Teknik Mesin, Fakultas Teknologi Industri, IST AKPRIND Yogyakarta, Dr. Ellyawan S Arbintarso to give online lecture with the theme of Shearing Stresses in Beam and Thin-Walled Members as a part of a global classroom program. The program was held through Cisco Webex Meeting on Thursday, 9th July 2020 at 08.00 am Malaysian Time.

Transverse shear acts over cross section and longitudinally, at horizontal equilibrium the maximum shear will occurs at neural axis. The average of shearing stress is calculated on the neural axis (the middle of horizontal face), the shearing stresses at outer of neural axis are higher than the average shearing stress. The shear stress is resulted from shear flow (q) over thickness (t) of the (part) beam, where the shear flow is equal internal shear force (V) times first moment of area at point of interest (Q) divided by moment of inertia of cross section (I).

Why we use the Thin-walled member? Because they are lighter than a bulk beam, and have higher stiffness due to the lower of the second moment (I). The lecture gave some examples to calculate the shear flow and the shear stress on slender beam and thin-walled members.

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